TRICARE Highlights



1 family member $67 $804
2 family members $132 $1,584
3+ family members (entire family) $178 $2,136



TRICARE Supplement
Pre-existing conditions covered Pre-existing conditions covered after 6 months
Exclusions and limitations apply

Supplement Advantages

  • Can save you thousands of dollars!
  • You can go to most any doctor or hospital without needing a referral.
  • Can replace employer’s plan.
  • Can replace COBRA
TRICARE Pays: Supplement Pays: You Pay:
75% Doctors office visits 25% $0
75% Hospitalization 25% $0
75% Pharmacy 25% $0
Less $150/$300 Annual Govt. Deductible  Credits Govt. $150/$300 Deductible  $250/$500
 Net Deductible $100/$200
Exclusions and limitations apply View Tricare Prime Chart

Final Regulation Excerpt

One commenter asked if active civil service employees could suspend their FEHB coverage to use TRlCARE or TRlCARE-for-Life. The regulation does not allow employees to suspend their coverage. This is because employees have always had the option of canceling their coverage with the right to reenroll in the FEHB Program during a future Open Season, or immediately if they involuntarily lose TRICARE coverage. ln the past, annuitants, survivors, and former spouses never had the option to reenroll in the FEHB Program after leaving for TRlCARE. Our new regulation creates this authority.

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