TRICARE has three levels

Standard, Extra, and Prime

TRICARE Standard

The premier plan which gives you the most choices of Dr.’s and Hospitals and is awarded by the Dept. of Defense at no charge.

It is very similar to a traditional major medical plan. Standard typically pays approximately 75% of your medical costs. Our Supplement pays the remaining 25%, plus any excess charges.

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It is essentially the same as Standard, included being awarded by the Dept. of Defense at no charge, but gives you a small 5% discount.

It is very similar to a PPO preferred provider plan. You would choose a plan provider to go to, and TRICARE would pay 80% rather than 75%. With our Supplement in place though, it would not matter. Our Supplement would cover the remaining amount - either 20% or 25% - plus any excess charges.


It is very similar to an HMO in the civilian world and you have to pay an annual fee to TRICARE to get it.

The POS (Point of Service) Option under TRICARE Prime allows you to seek and receive non-emergency health care services from any TRICARE authorized civilian provider, in or out of the TRICARE network, without a referral from a Primary Care Physician.

If you have Prime and choose to use the POS option, all requirements applicable to TRICARE Standard apply except the requirement for a Nonavailability Statement (NAS).

However, it’s important to keep in mind that POS claims are subject to outpatient deductibles ($300 individual and $600 family), 50% cost-shares for outpatient and inpatient claims, and excess charges up 15% over the allowed amount. The 50% cost-share continues to be applied even after the annual catastrophic cap of $3,000 has been met.